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Flu Vaccination
Adult (Age 18+) Flu Vaccination Clinics commencing 27th September 2022. We will also have some adapted COVID boosters available for those who are eligible. Children's nasal flu vaccines will be available in October.
Adult (Age 18+) Flu Vaccine Clinic   Kids (Age 2-17yrs) Flu Vaccination Clinic (Nose Spray)

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We provide a GP doctor & nurse service to the community of Tullyallen and surrounding areas. We offer all the usual general practice and family medicine services that you would expect from a doctors’ surgery, as well as many specialist services and are here to help you. We believe you should be able to approach your GP/Nurse about any medical worry you may have and be treated with respect. We believe in making you feel at ease during times of physical or mental stress.

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Tullyallen Medical Centre provides a wide range of GP (General Practice) services.
We want you to enjoy a good quality of life by looking after your health.
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